La Cebra

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I turned out to be different
not because I would have
chosen or decided to,
but because it fell to me…
and as it fell to me to be different
perhaps it fell to me to be an artist
it fell to me to be queer
it fell to me to be as I am
and I dont regret it…

Luis Caballero

In June of 1996
Jose Rivera Moya founded La Cebra

Polemics, applause and theatres sold out since then have characterized the career of this group whose principal aim is to present on the stage gay life and culture in all its aspects.

To date, La Cebra has a repertory of fifty choreographies made up of ten different programmes of gay dance, the most outstanding of which are: I am not Pancho Villa nor do I like football (
Yo no soy Pancho Villa ni me gusta el fútbol); Ave Maria Purisima (of prostitution and sequins) (Ave María Purísima (de prostitución y lentejuelas)); Before it gets light (when things are going really bad) (Antes de que amanezca (cuando ya va bien mala); Dance of evil love or I`d better go (Danza del mal amor o mejor me voy);
Time destroys everything, only death remains (El tiempo lo arrasa todo queda la muerte); and The simple things (
Las simples cosas), among others.
The Company, just like que zebras at the Serengeti has runned fast, making La Cebra one of the most important independent groups in Mexico. Recognized both by the public and the specialized press for it’s honest, original, daring and polemic social proposal.

What’s Gay Dance and La Cebra’s impact in Mexico

An original idea created to define La Cebra’s style, it opened a space among institucional forums for the expression of the gay community in Mexico through dance. By doing so, it brought the attention from a broad audience (specially of those unaware of gay life) that keeps growing in number and diversity.

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