José Rivera Moya

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I´m not a drug addict
I´m a drag addict

Andre Csillag


San Luís Potosí, 1968.

In 1985 he began his studies in the Potosino Institute of Fine Arts, and in the same year he joined the Provincial Ballet of San Luis, directed by Lila López, becoming lead dancer. A few months later he set foot for the first time on the stage of the Palace of Fine Arts with this company. In 1987 he joined Ballet Independiente, founded by Raúl Flores Canelo, where he became principal dancer, choreographer and teacher. Raúl Flores Canelo created specially for him the choreographies of the “El Bailarín” in 1988 and “Tragedia en Polanco” (a fragment of the work “Pervertida”) in 1990. During this period in Ballet Independiente he won the Inner Choreography Competition on three occasions with the works: “Danza del mal amor o mejor me voy” (Dance of evil love or I had better get out), 1990. “Primitivos impulsos del corazón” (Primitive impulses of the heart), 1992. “Los días azules” (Blue days), 1993, for which he was finalist in the XIV National Contemporary Dance Award INBA-UAM; on the same occasion he won the prize as best dancer. In this year he studied in New York in the Alvin Ailey School and the Movement Research School. At the same time in 1991 he was a member of the group En Dos Partes of Gerardo Delgado and in 1993 of the group Ux Onodanza of Raúl Parrao.
In 1994 he was the winner of the V Competition for Projects of a work of Contemporary Choreography convoked by INBA. Thanks to this award he was able to return to New York for a year and attend regularly at the Alvin Ailey School, Movement Research School, Steps and Broadway Dance Center.
In 1996 he founded La Cebra Danza Gay, the year he won the III Continental Contemporary Dance Competition INBA-UAM with the work “Brooklyn, I´m feeling blue”, and the same year he premiered in New York “Ave María Purísima (Of prostitution and sequins)” in St. Mark´s Church within the Latin American Young Soloists Festival. He has appeared as a soloist in New York, Brazil and Argentina. He has received the scholarship as performer from the Mexican National Foundation for Culture and the Arts FONCA (1991, 2004 y 2007).
In 1998 he was a finalist in the V Continental Contemporary Dance Competition INBA-UAM with the work “Antes que amanezca (Cuando ya va bien mala) (Before it gets light (When things go wrong))”.
In the year 2000 he won second place in the XXI Prize INBA-UAM, Contemporary Choreographic Composition with the work “Todo lo que tengo: mi vida, mi corazón y mi casa” (All that I have: my life, my heart and my house).
In 2001 he received a homage from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana for his social work. In 2002 José Rivera Moya and his company represented Mexico at the X Bienale of the Dance at Lyon, France. On four occasions he received the people’s award for the best choreography: XV, XXII, XXIII y XXIV Lila López International Dance Festival in the city of San Luís Potosí with the works: “Estudio para un visionudo de raras costumbres y dudosa procedencia”, 1995. “Antes que amanezca (Cuando ya va bien mala)”, 2002; “Yo no soy Pancho Villa ni me gusta el fútbol”, 2003 y “Rosa Mexicano” 2004.
In 2004 he was a finalist of the XXV Prize INBA-UAM, Contemporary Choreographic Creation Competition with the work: “El tiempo lo arrasa todo… queda la muerte (Time takes all…only death remains)” for which he was also nominated for the Lunas del Auditorio awards. He has been invited by maestra Guillermina Bravo to teach class for Ballet Nacional de México. In 2005 La Cebra Danza Gay was invited by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, in the city of New York. In 2005 and 2006 he was named Artistic Director of Ballet Independiente, a company subsidized by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, with which he participated in the Urban Landscapes Festival in Havana, Cuba.
Rivera Moya was declared the Icon of the Mexican Gay Community for his active work in the struggle against SIDA and his tireless work for the rights of the Gay community. In 2005 he won the Gay Merit Prize and in 2006 he was declared King of the LGBT Pride March.
In 2011 he celebrated with great success the XV Anniversary of Cebra Danza Gay, with a special production for the International Cervantine Festival as well as in the Palace of Fine Arts.
In June 2012 he resumed his charge as Artistic Director of Ballet Independiente in addition to continuing his artistic and social work and forming new dancers in La Cebra Danza Gay.
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