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Press Reviews

  • José Rivera is far from the Noh and the Kyogen, far from the Trocadero, far from the Butoh, away from the Transvestite Shows , far from the TV talk shows, but contains all of them in the unique chemistry of his dance

Valerio Cesio,
Funámbulos Magazine
March 2001, Argentina

  • Alter several scandals, his choreographic work and Company took the gay community out from it’s isolation. Neither original stage nor music, but the pure confidence in dance to express duality.

Martine Planells,
Danser Magazine
September 2002, France

  • His dance displays love and sensuality but it’s also suggestively erotic…

Tomas Hahn,
Ballettanz Magazine
January 2003, Germany

  • When the dance was over, as majestic as the music itself, after 9 minutes with an audience standing up, Rivera and his Company received an incredible ovation and applause of incredible sensitivity. The ovation lasted as much as the dance itself. Rarely in my life have I heared or seen such a demostration of love, pride and artistic appreciation.

Jhon Maxim,
The Herald
September 3, 2004, Mexico

  • Prophet in his own country, José Rivera Moya and La Cebra Gay Dance Company where the most successful event of the International Dance Festival of San Luis Potosí. Rivera is the country’s most popular coreographer. His success and megnetism are a milestone in the history of Mexican culture.

Rosario Manzanos,
Proceso Magazine
November 7, 2004, Mexico